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Most Expensive Camera Lenses Ever!

Camera Lenses

Most Expensive Camera Lenses Ever!

If you are a conspicuous consumer or a person with too tall photography interests, then in both cases you are going to fall in love with this article. Here we are going to see some of the expensive camera lenses ever made. They are unimaginably expensive and highly technical. A normal camera lens that can capture pictures at amazing quality is not going to go beyond few thousands. But the lenses listed here are all worth a million and more than that. So let’s get to see some of the most expensive lenses that were ever made:

Camera Lenses

Leica 1600mm:

Before honoring Leica as the most expensive lens ever made, it is also important to note that this is the only lens with the longest focal point. This lens was designed for the price of Qatar. Sadly there is no technical information regarding the lens. The cost of the lens sums up to a whopping $2 million and it is way beyond affordability.

Nikon Fisheye Lens:

Nikon Fisheye is a 6mm lens that was designed by Nikon as early as in the 1970s. However, the intention behind designing these lenses is that they are not for private purpose or for personal usage. They were designed for scientific and industrial reasons. The worth of the lens is about $ 160000

Canon 1200 mm:

Again this one is with the longest focal point in the list and costs about $120000. The functions of the lens are more versatile than other lenses, and due to its long focal point, it is called the ‘Mother of All Lenses.’  It is available in the market since 2003. The measurement of the Canon 1200mm is 46 feet long.

Sigma 200-500mm:

Though the length of the lens is smaller when compared to the other lenses the weight of the lens is 34 pounds, which is comparatively heavy than the other lenses. Sigma is considered as one of the best alternatives for the other lenses in the market.

Cannon 800 mm:

Cannon 800 mm is considered as the super telephoto lens in the market. It is comparatively a new lens in the market which was launched in the year 2008. But due to its competitive features, it is ranked as one of the best lenses in the market.

The above-listed lenses are considered as the best lenses ever made due to their competitive features and the structure of these lenses. All most all of these lenses are compared to each other and are considered best in their own way. Though they are considered the best, they are too expensive that affordability becomes a question mark.

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